The Growing Popularity of Using CBD for Anxiety

Our daily lives are demanding, and the risk of experiencing anxiety and stress is often quite high.  Pressure from your boss, work assignments, home-life concerns, current affairs, and more can lead to feelings of anxiousness and worry.  Whether these emotions occur periodically or chronically, know that you’re not alone.  More than 18% of Americans, approximately 23 million people, suffer from anxiety disorders, which are the most common mental health diagnoses in the country. 

Some require prescription medications to manage such emotions; others may turn to behavioral therapy or lifestyle changes; and some have started using CBD for anxiety.  Hemp-infused products are increasing in popularity as more people become aware of this cannabis compound’s medicinal and health benefits. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced user, you can consume CBD in several forms to help ease tension and anxiety.  Here are 7 helpful tips to ensure you’re choosing and using the best products.

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Tips To Keep in Mind When Using CBD for Anxiety

1. Read Labels Carefully When Purchasing

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD alone can produce feelings of calm and lessen anxiety.  But note that oftentimes, hemp supplements may be infused with other nutraceuticals for a specific effect, such as energy or focus.  If you’re looking to combat anxiety with CBD, avoid products that include ingredients like caffeine and certain herbs like ginseng and kava that are known for stimulating effects.  Overconsumption of such additional ingredients might increase your likelihood of anxiety and negate the soothing effects of CBD. 

2. Seek the Advice of a Medical Doctor

We advise that new CBD users seek professional healthcare advice before consuming hemp products.  Note that cannabinoids may interact with certain medications, and guidance towards dosage may increase your chances of success with CBD.  Benefit fully and avoid any potential side effects by speaking with your doctor or contacting Leaf 411, a free nurse hotline whose cannabis-trained medical staff can point you in the right direction.

3. Purchase Only Lab-Tested Products

CBD is most often derived from industrial hemp which legally, should never test above 0.3% THC.  However, hemp may naturally contain more THC, a psychoactive cannabis compound that causes a “high” effect.  When overconsumed, this high may cause feelings of paranoia and anxiety.  Because the FDA does not regulate CBD-infused products, it’s important to only buy from companies that third-party lab test their tinctures, edibles, and other supplements.  This ensures a safe and consistent experience.   Click here for tips to find reliable CBD brands.   

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4. Edibles Are Tempting, Be Cautious

When ingesting hemp products, it’s important to know that processing via the digestive system may take as long as 2-4 hours, delaying noticeable effects.   With many brands creating yummy CBD-infused gummies, chocolate bars, and more, it may be tempting to consume past the recommended dose (20-30mg for new consumers).   Although CBD is non-psychoactive, overconsumption can lead to some undesirable effects such as stomach upset and fatigue; if you have a busy day ahead of you, these side effects may cause disruption and increased stress.  As we always say: start low and go slow.  

5. Shop Local

Hemp is known as a hyperaccumulator, having the ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals found in soil.  For that reason, we always recommend knowing where your go-to CBD brand sources their industrial hemp.  Different parts of the world grow their hemp differently, depending on their farming cultures and government regulations.  We can’t speak to all growing processes, but we do know that certain states like Colorado have government-run agencies which oversee the use of pesticides and certify hemp as safe and sustainable.  If using CBD for anxiety, purchasing products that use premium hemp is important, as toxins may exasperate underlying medical issues. 

6. Know Your Options

CBD can be consumed in a variety of methods, each with its own onset time.  If you’re getting worked up emotionally and need quick relief, choose a fast-acting product like a tincture, vape pen, or hemp flower.  If you’re looking to wind down after a stressful day, consider adding a few scoops of CBD-infused bath salts to a warm tub.  Topical products may include essential oils for additional aromatherapeutic benefit; consider hemp bath products and salves that are infused with menthol for a cleansing sensation, or lavender to promote calmness.

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7. Get on a Schedule

If you’re new to hemp supplements, your body may have to work to replenish its endocannabinoid system, and so the anxiety-relieving effects of CBD may not be immediately noticeable.  Create a CBD routine, starting small but consistent, and record how your body reacts over a period of 4-6 weeks.  Consider finding a hemp brand that offers a subscription program so that you automatically receive your supplement shipments and never miss a beat.  You’ll want to maintain your great progress! 

We’d Love To Hear About Your Experience Using CBD for Anxiety

So, what are your thoughts?  Have you had success in using CBD for anxiety?  If so, what product worked magic for you?  Share your added advice with our community by commenting below or tagging @trupuracbd on Instagram. 

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