The legality and perception of cannabis use is changing. Several countries and states have legalized marijuana, and even more governments have allowed the manufacture and use of hemp-derived products. Popular due to its various health benefits, cannabidiol (CBD) has been scientifically and anecdotally reported to help manage anxiety, pain, sleep disturbances, and other issues. There are many ways you can use CBD, and you can find it everywhere from fitness centers to coffee shops. Many wonder, CBD and caffeine: friends or foes? Should you mix the two?

And wait, doesn’t CBD support a better night’s sleep? Wouldn’t that counteract the stimulating effects of your morning coffee or tea?  Don’t worry; we don’t want you sleeping at your desk either. Read on to understand how these two compounds interact, and rather than negating each other, complement each other by improving focus, reducing anxiety, and more. 

What Science Says About CBD and Caffeine

There are limited scientific findings of what happens in your nervous system when you consume caffeine and CBD products together. Some studies have found both compounds activate the same parts of the brain and similarly interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. However, more research is necessary to ascertain such findings; but there is certainty that the combination of CBD and caffeine does not pose any serious harm or potential health risks to users.

There are opposing studies regarding caffeine and inflammation, and it’s believed that genetics are likely the cause of differing effects. Some experience a reduction in inflammation when consuming caffeine, and others see an increase. However, CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, and therefore, adding such to caffeine may decrease your likelihood of experiencing unwanted effects. 

Similarly, CBD and caffeine may work together to relieve pain. In a preliminary study with mice, scientists found that caffeine reduced pain response; and interestingly, CBD has been found to do the same. In addition, the overconsumption of caffeine is associated with anxiety and jitteriness, symptoms which CBD is known to mitigate.  Lastly, though there is limited research, it’s been shown that mixing the right amount of CBD and caffeine may also reduce the impulsivity associated with ADHD. 

The CBD and Caffeine Interaction

Coffee and tea are two of the most consumed beverages in the world. However, most do not often consider that caffeine is a stimulant, and like all stimulants, it’s a drug that comes with unwanted side effects. Too much caffeine can cause anxiety, abnormal heart activity, and stomach upset. But as discussed, there is evidence that CBD can help do away with these uncomfortable symptoms while enhancing focus and delaying fatigue.    

The Benefits of Mixing CBD and Caffeine

  • Caffeine and CBD can enhance your mental activity as they both interact with neurotransmitters and adenosine receptors charged with mental alertness.
  • Caffeine stimulates the body while CBD provides relaxing effects. Therefore, a CBD-coffee combination can help you reduce the jitters brought about by caffeine. Imagine being alert but calm at the same time.
  • CBD has been reported to have anti-nausea effects. It can help you if you get stomach upset after consuming caffeine.
  • Lastly, while this article largely discusses taking CBD with caffeine, you can also benefit from taking CBD after the effects of caffeine begin to wear off.  If you’re looking to avoid a caffeine crash, often causing headaches and irritability, a mid-day dose of CBD may be just what you need.

You Can and Should Mix CBD with Caffeine

There are few concrete advantages to using CBD and caffeine. However, limited studies and anecdotal evidence show that mixing the two compounds will not harm you, and very well may be beneficial. As with most things related to the cannabis plant, deeper scientific research is necessary to confirm these benefits, and legal and cultural advances will only continue to help this cause. 

So go ahead, coffee drinkers! And to your cup how many drops of CBD oil you prefer. Did it help relieve any jitters? Do you feel more focused, or a bit less cranky in the afternoons? Tell us your experience in the comments or on social by tagging @trupuracbd.    

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