Happy Earth Day! Keeping the Earth healthy is so important and here at trupura, that belief extends to our sustainably-sourced and all-natural, organic ingredients. If you’re celebrating Earth Day with one of our products, we thank you so much for your support! We love our CBD, but we don’t love the waste that comes from the packaging, so we urge you to recycle your trupura packaging (and any cannabis packaging, really) by following the correct recycling procedures: 

  • Make sure it’s completely free of any remaining product or liquids
  • Wash, rinse, and dry the packaging and lid with warm soapy water
  • Toss in your waste management-approved recycling bin

Things That CAN Be Recycled:

  • Glass and plastic, like hard plastic bottles
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Our tamper-evident lidding films (these seal our gummy and softgel containers)

Things That CAN’T Be Recycled:

  • Loose plastic bags, like in our chocolate boxes
  • Broken glass
  • Rubber/glass tincture droppers (can be repurposed for cosmetics, though!)
  • Any remaining trupura CBD products
A woman outdoors, exercising with trupura CBD hemp oil tincture.

If you’re crafty or just want to have fun, recycling and reusing your cannabis packaging is another great option, also called upcycling! If you want to upcycle your trupura packages, look no further because we’ve compiled a list of great ideas for your cannabis packaging: 

  1. Make pots for starter plants from our CBD bath salt containers

Our CBD bath salt containers are the perfect size for your starter plants and a great way to recycle your plastics! The most important thing is making holes at the bottom for the water to drain and the roots to expand. You also want to take the plant out of the container as soon as it’s big enough, or else the roots will circle (meaning not grow freely) and restrict the growth of the rest of the plant. 

Do you know when your plant needs water? Stick your finger one inch into the dirt. Is it wet or dry? If it’s dry, you’ll need to water it. If the dirt is moist or wet, leave it alone. People commonly kill plants because they over water, thinking: “they can’t get enough water!” That’s not true, especially with baby starter plants like you’d be growing in the container. Once the plant is big enough, consider switching to a fabric pot over a clay one. It will allow the roots to breathe and grow, giving you the most nutrient-dense plant around. Nervous about growing plants? Don’t be. Grow an herb like basil first. They are pretty easy to grow and will let you practice.

Pro tip: water the plant’s soil, not the leaves. Plants drink water through their roots, not the foliage. Watering the foliage damages the leaves and prevents the plants from conducting their natural process for receiving water. 

Potted succulents in upcycled jars.  Learn how to recycle and reuse CBD packaging this Earth Day.
  1. Make a fabric scrunchie holder from our softgel container

Okay, so we kind of stole this idea from Pinterest, but we are making it our own! The Pinterest version here is just a clear tube, but our softgels container has a similar shape so it’ll work just the same. Plus, you’re recycling plastic with our DIY version, so that’s extra cool! 

First, remove the package’s label. Ensure every bit of goo is off the container; you can use Goo Gone or even a drop of your favorite essential oil to get everything off. Make sure it’s completely dry with a paper towel, then coat the surface evenly with rubber cement or something similar. Try to use something a little stronger than glue, like a craft bonding solution. Make sure it’s a fairly thin layer of solution coated evenly across the package. Once you’ve applied the bond, quickly cover the package in your favorite colored glitter. An easy way to do this is by sprinkling quite a bit of glitter on a plate and lightly roll the cannabis package over it. Do it immediately so the bonding solution doesn’t dry! 

Once that’s dry, apply a top seal of Mod Podge or something similar and let that dry completely. You’ll have fabric scrunchies on it, so take your time and ensure everything dries before you ruin your favorite hair accessory and your craft! 

Take it a step further and throw in a few fake flowers. You’ll just have to access your scrunchies from the bottom, but it would look really cute if you thought the colors out! We suggest placing decorative rocks in the packaging so it stays still on your countertop, especially if you plan on incorporating fake flowers which might weigh the light packaging down. 

Concept zero waste conscious consumption flat lay, Top view of hands holding trendy moleskin notebook with text "reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat". Wooden table with computer keyboard, mouse and plant.
  1. Separate your socks with trupura’s gummy containers

Remove the package’s label to ensure you have a clean, white surface. Find your favorite patterned contact paper and apply it smoothly to the outside of the package. Take your time on this, the package wasn’t made with your sock drawer in mind! We suggest splitting the contact paper into fourths, don’t try and cover the whole package at once with a single portion of contact paper – you’ll just get frustrated. Do this with two of our gummy containers, or even just one if that’s all you have.

After that, hot glue the two containers side by side and hold them together for at least one minute. By this point, you should have two nicely covered containers stuck together. Then just throw it in your sock drawer! Separate your socks by occasion or color, whatever you prefer, but this is an eco-friendly way to do it.

Do you know why you should recycle plastic? In 2018, the landfills saw 27 million tons of plastic, accounting for 18% of the material in the landfills! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, plastics include bags, sacks and wraps, other packaging; polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and jars; high-density polyethylene (HDPE) natural bottles; and other containers. 

  1. Use trupura’s chocolate packaging for scrapbooking

Our CBD chocolate’s packaging features art from local Denver artists, so it’s absolutely worth saving and looking at again and again! If you’re a scrapbooker, save it because it’ll make the perfect color for your projects. If you’re not a scrapbooker – maybe you should try it! Tag @trupuracbd on Instagram so we can see how it turns out! 

Grab your last bite of CBD chocolate, its beautifully-designed packaging, a hot cup of green tea and fresh lemon, turn on your favorite self-improvement podcast (not your favorite show, let’s focus on scrapbooking here) and just have fun! Make something fun and if you don’t know what to make, make a vision or goal board. Here are some things to include on your vision board, and don’t just limit it to 2021:

  • Relationship goals (with children, a spouse, friends, etc.)
  • Your goals for finances and the healthy financial habits you’re building
  • Emotional goals, like understanding what makes you angry so you can work on it
  • Material goals, so things like homes and cars
  • Any goals you might have in your professional life 

From all of us at trupura, Happy Earth Day! Make it count and show us what you create! 

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