Wellness never takes a vacation, even during the summer. Taking care of ourselves isn’t only about what we eat and how much sleep we get. It can also relate to the clothes we wear and the products we use.

Hemp has always been a popular material, but now it’s getting more attention than ever. The cannabis industry is far from the only one that finds value in it.

It seems like new hemp products are coming out every day. And since summer 2021 is finally here, we put together a list of our top picks for the season!

8 hemp products you’ll want to have this summer

Hemp Cotton Beach Dress from Wrap London

Who doesn’t love a cute, free-flowing beach dress for the summer? The best part is it’s perfect to throw over your bathing suit or wear as an outfit for a sunset dinner. You definitely keep cool in this organic cotton and hemp-made material. And you can have more than one in different colors!

A woman dressed in a mint-colored Hemp Cotton Beach Dress from Wrap London; named one of the must-have hemp products for summer by trupura CBD

Raw Elements Hemp Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun is essential. No one likes signs of early aging and skin damage. This hemp sunscreen from Raw Elements is an awesome broad-spectrum product that provides UVA-UVB protection. Along with being water resistant, it’s full of active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts.

Raw Elements Face and Body Sunscreen infused with CBD

Taiga Hemp-Made Coolers 

Whether you’re going camping, fishing, or to the beach, you NEED a nice cooler. The Terra Cooler is made completely out of eco-friendly material that still keeps your drinks cold for hours! They’re super durable, so they can be taken on any kind of outdoor adventure.

A tan-colored Taiga cooler made from hemp plastic

The Wonder Seed Hemp Body Products

It’s important to keep your hair and skin hydrated during the summer. All of the sun, sand, salt, and sweat can really rob your body of the moisture it needs. Hemp oil offers a ton of healing benefits. Combining this with other natural, rich nutrients will give your skin and hair a healthy, radiant glow.

The Wonder Seed hemp-infused Body Wash and Body Lotion resting on a wicker table with greenery in the background

trupura CBD Watermelon Gummies

You can never have too many sweet treats for the summer. Our watermelon gummies are made with organic fruit juice and CBD oil from Colorado-grown hemp. They’re easy to take on-the-go and will keep you elevated for all the fun plans you have for the day!

A woman consuming a trupura CBD Watermelon Gummy, a must-have hemp product for summer

Datsusara Hemp Towels

These are the world’s first flat weave hemp blend towels. They don’t take up as much space as regular towels and are quick to dry. But these aren’t just great for the beach or pool. Their hemp towels are available in a range of sizes, so you can use one for the gym, after a shower, or cleaning up the kitchen.

A tan-colored Dutsusara hemp towel hanging over a rack with other apparel items

Mad Tasty Hemp-Infused Sparkling Water

We love a good broad-spectrum drink with zero sugar, sweeteners, or complicated additives. At 15 calories a can, you’ll have no problem making this sparkling water your official summer drink! And it comes in three delicious flavors; watermelon kiwi, grapefruit, and unicorn tears.

Two women toasting Mad Tasty hemp sparkling water on the beach.  These beverages were named one of trupura CBD's must-have hemp products for summer.

trupura CBD Movement Bundle

Summer is also a time for taking it easy and letting your body rest. Nothing helps with that better than CBD. The movement bundle includes trupura’s relief cream and hemp oil tincture. They’ll help relax your muscles after a workout or heal any other aches and pains. The quickest way to get moving again is by giving your body time to recover.

A female rock climber affixed to a rope, holding a trupura CBD Hemp Oil Tincture bottle.

Come celebrate the summer with us and share your summer must-haves!

We’d love to see how you guys are gearing up for summer 2021! Don’t hesitate to tag us at @trupuracbd on Instagram and show off your favorite hemp products. If you want even more summer goodies, go to Medically Correct to explore our other brands and award-winning cannabis products!

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