Learn how powerful hemp plants are making a difference

A couple walking through a field of plants.

The 2018 Farm Bill triggered a movement by allowing for the commercial production of industrial hemp, previously listed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.  Economically, socially and environmentally, the booming industry is proving itself to be remarkably beneficial.  According to the US Department of Agriculture, land dedicated to hemp farming quadrupled to over 125,000 acres in 2019. With sustainable alternatives and whole plant hemp oils on retailers’ shelves all over the country, a health-forward revolution is underway. But what does that mean for ordinary Americans, and why should you care? 

Hemp and the Planet 

As we are all aware, climate concerns are magnifying, and while no single crop is a panacea for this problem, hemp may contribute valuable support.  Naturally pest-resistant, hemp is known as an excellent ground cover crop, planted between other crops to prevent spacing for weeds and thereby diminishing the need for chemical herbicides and insecticides.  Hemp also grows healthily in contaminated soil, and improves land and groundwater quality by absorbing pollutants such as nitrates and phosphates derived from industrial farming.

Why is conventional farming and pesticide use such a concern?  When erosion occurs, nutrient-excessive farm runoff can cause disproportionate algae growth which creates low levels of dissolved oxygen in waterways.  This affects local ecological communities and as far as oceans, creating dead zones and impairing marine life, which diminishes food availability and threatens regional economies.  

Pesticide use also greatly contributes to honey bee colony loss rates, a genus which pollinates one-third of the global food supply.  By providing food and habitats to pollinators, hemp fully reinforces the agroecosystem and promotes the continuation of bees’ necessary function. 

In addition, the burning of fossil fuels exceedingly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, warming the planet and causing sea levels to rise.  This threat to the planet’s biological diversity could be mitigated with hemp, the ideal carbon sink.  Hemp grows within just four months of being planted and purifies the air more effectively than trees!

Hemp and Its Many Uses

Hemp’s natural benefits to the environment are miraculous in themselves, but human innovation further validates the plant’s value.  Your entire wardrobe can now be deemed sustainable with footwear and trendy apparel made from hemp fiber.  Even fashion accessories including neckties and handbags are available in today’s marketplace. 

Three flavors of trupura CBD chocolates, made with quality ingredients and whole plant hemp oil.

Previously niche health products have gone mainstream, too.  High in omega-3 fatty acids, hemp seeds and CBD oil have become new favorite additions to smoothies, granola and salads.  Boost your morning breakfast with a splash of hemp milk in your CBD-infused coffee, or squeeze of some CBD honey in your full spectrum hemp flower tea.  Most exciting of all, your favorite sweet treat can be savored with a guilt-free conscience: CBD chocolate.  

Outside your closet and kitchen, there’s hemp paper for the office; soap, shaving cream, and healing balms for the bathroom; carpet and curtains — even the structure of your home can be made from hemp concrete!  Eco-friendly alternatives and natural wellness products are projected to only continue growing in popularity.

Hemp and You

Be a conservationist and health-conscious individual, all in one.  By supporting hemp companies, you promote agricultural expansion and its positive impact on the environment, in addition to your own everyday wellness.  Multiple studies have shown that CBD, a constituent of hemp, is an effective remedy for pain, sleep and anxiety — issues that most adults experience periodically, if not chronically.  

“Hemp, implemented at a large scale, could be a huge contributor to the planet’s endurance, and influence the way people treat, cure, and prevent health issues such as joint pain and insomnia” said Bob Eschino, President and Co-Founder of trupura CBD. “With legitimate manufacturing processes, products infused with whole plant hemp oil provide safer, more natural alternatives to many other medications.”

For your health and your earth, join the movement!