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2020 was rough, and due to the pandemic, quarantine and gym closures likely put a strain on your usual workout routine. But with the COVID-19 vaccine now available, there’s much hope that 2021 will give you more freedom to plan and execute a regime that will help you burn calories, build muscles, and feel good. Whether exercising in your living room or a more traditional setting, these steps will help make your healthy new year resolutions even more successful.

• Have Small, Manageable Goals

While big goals such as losing 50 pounds are often achievable if you put in serious time and effort, they’re difficult to attain. Result times vary, and your level of commitment may falter with such high expectations of yourself. You don’t want to give up on your workout after just a few weeks of trial. Rather, start with smaller goals that require more practical workout routines to achieve. Focus on losing five pounds through enjoyable exercise, and when you do, celebrate that victory’s significance. Then work on losing the next five, and so on. When you win these small goals, you get the morale to keep working out and achieve even more.

• Keep Yourself Accountable

Once you have your manageable goals determined, the trick is then sticking to your set workout plan. Until you develop a routine, there will be days when you simply don’t want to exercise — and that’s okay. But consider why you feel that way and what can be done to be more determined moving forward. Exercise when you feel most energized, perhaps in the morning or the first half of your lunch break. Find a routine that feels fun; change your playlist to keep things fresh. And always track your progress! Without a record, you may not notice the steps you’re taking and every small achievement should motivate you to stay on track.

• Identify a Workout Environment that Suits You

Some people love fresh air and exercising outdoors, while others would rather avoid unpredictable weather. Some enjoy listening to music when working out, while others may prefer to focus on their breathing and movements. You know yourself best and working out should be enjoyable, so consider your preferences and trial a few routines. If you struggle with accountability, consider signing up for a group workout and gain support from that community. If you’re a competitive person, join a fitness challenge or competition. Or if you’re brand new to working out and maybe need more confidence, speak with a trainer at a gym about your goals and develop an attainable plan.

• Make Your Lifestyle Complement Your Fitness

At the start of January, you might not yet label yourself as a gym rat or skillful yogi. But in time, you may very well find that your workout routine translates into a major interest; after all, it’s something you’re committing time and energy to nearly every day. To maximize your workout efforts, your lifestyle should include minimizing stress, adopting a regular sleep schedule, and consuming a healthy diet. By exerting more energy, your body requires greater amounts of water and fuel — ideally, foods rich in vital nutrients.

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If you’re looking to gain mass, you might consider additional protein; or if you’re looking to lose weight, clean eating with low amounts of sugar and fat may suit you. Similarly, if you’re exercising for general health and wellbeing, supplements like CBD may support your training and workout recovery. Users report pain and inflammation relief when using CBD, a non-psychoactive compound often extracted from hemp plants; topicals and edible products are most often preferred by athletes.

• Pick Your Pace

While some may achieve their fitness goals faster than you do, you shouldn’t let that demoralize you. It’s not a sprint to the finish line; look at your health goals as a holistic change in your lifestyle. You have the power to unapologetically dictate how much time you can or want to allot to your goals; and the strain you want to put on your mind and body. The most important factor in your routine is practicality. Be honest with yourself about what you can commit to and what you enjoy, and you’ll be much more likely to have a sustainable routine through 2021 and into the future.

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